Dunqian Shazhou(Sandy Cay)

Dunqian Shazhou(Sandy Cay), which lies in the northwest of Zhenghe Qunjiao(Tizard Bank) of Nansha Islands(the Spratly Islands), was invaded by South Vietnam in 1974 After the reunification of Vietnam in 1975, it has been a Vietnamese-occupied island up to today. It is oval in shape, about 400m in length, 200m in width, and lies from the northwest to southeast.


By 2012, 10 buildings of various kinds had been built, including facilities such as a blockhouse, a lighthouse, and barracks. etc.

In 2015, Vietnam started to reclaim land from the sea, which has reached an area of 0.037km2. In addition, a wharf was built as well.


In 2016, a helipad was built in the east of the Dunqian Shazhou(Sandy Cay).


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