Strengthening Peripheral Bases,Promoting Forward Deterrence
2019-06-12  |  BY Chen Yong
Strengthening Peripheral Bases,Promoting Forward Deterrence——the Analysis and Prediction of Recent US Troops’ Military Operations in the South China Sea. Following the end of the war on terrorism, the US has shifted the focus of its national security strategy back to great-power competition and now considers China the most significant threat. Then, it becomes the top priority of US force’s global strategy to reinforce deployment in the South China Sea and surrounding areas.

US strategy documents, such as the National Security Strategy 2017, the Summary of the National Defense Strategy 2018, and Indo-Pacific Strategy Report 2019 show great concerns about China’s military modernization, play up China’s increased military clout in the Indo-Pacific region, and accuse China of seeking military superiority over the US in the “gray zone” of the South China Sea. In line with adjustments of the national security strategy, US military branches have proposed various operational concepts such as “distributed lethality,” “combat cloud,” and “multi-domain operations”. And the South China Sea is becoming the focal region for the US force to verify these concepts and prepare for the battlefield. ...More



Promoting Transparency, Peace and Cooperation In SCS
Chen Yong

Chen Yong serves as assistant research fellow at the Institute of International Relations, Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences (SASS). He received Ph.D. degree from Peking University. His Research interests focus on United States Navy, China-US Maritime Security and International Security. He has published a number of papers and reviews in World Economics and Politics, The Journal of International Studies, The Journal of International Studies, and Lianhe Zaobao, etc.